Southcott Hydraulics & Control Systems
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Over a Century of Manufacturing, Supply & Service

Southcott Hydraulics – Innovative Solutions for Australian Industry

Old Factory
Australian Owned Manufactured ISO 9001

With more than a century of manufacturing and engineering experience, Southcott has evolved to becoming a specialist in the field of hydraulic supplies and high performance system design capable of delivering custom turnkey projects for Australia’s most demanding industries. We have been helping our clients meet their demands by delivering innovative systems as well as strategic partnerships with some of the world’s leading brands.

Our incredible range of products combined with extensive expertise in development, manufacturing, sales and service puts Southcott at the forefront of light and heavy duty applications for hydraulic supplies in mining, defence, transport, agriculture, construction, industrial and marine industries.

Discover why Southcott is a trusted name for providing Australian industry with the very best in products and service:

  • About Us – Learn more about Southcott’s history and our company’s contribution to Australia’s manufacturing, which has specialised in hydraulic supplies spanning more than a century.
  • Products – From the highest quality hydraulic fittings and valves, through to hydraulic cylinders and other fluid products and supplies, Southcott delivers.
  • Industries – Our experience working with diverse clientele across a range of industries ensures that we can help any customer find the right solution for their requirements.
  • Help Centre – We have created a comprehensive help centre so you can learn more about our products, services and commitment to quality and safety in every project.

The Products and Services You Need

To discuss your requirements for industry-leading hydraulic cylinders, adaptor fittings, hydraulic cartridge valves and other product supplies, contact the team at Southcott directly. We can help you navigate our vast range to find the products you need or custom design a solution to suit your unique operation.



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