Multi-Disc Brakes

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BTM - Multi-Disc Brake -

BTM are static brakes which use hydraulic pilot pressure for release. The braking action is obtained by a series of discs and springs acting onto the main piston. The brake housing is of spheroidal cast iron and extrusion proof seals are suitable for high pressures. The BTM brakes are for application on various types of hydraulic motors. NB: These brakes are only used as a static parking brakes not recommended for dynamic braking applications.
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BK2 - Multi-Disc Brake -

Hydraulic Disc Brakes -Maxma BK2 series are a wet multi disc brake for use as static brakes in hydraulic systems. The braking action is applied by a series of springs applying force to friction discs which are attached to the output shaft. Hydraulic pressure releases the spring force upon the discs. These brakes are generally utilised on the output of torqmotors such as the Maxma MAP, MAR & MAS Series. NB: These brakes are used only as static parking brakes and are not recommended for dynamic braking applications.
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