Goods Return Policy

This Policy outlines the Southcott terms and conditions relating to the return of goods by Customers for credit.

Any request for the return of goods needs to be made in writing to Southcott, and requests by phone or in person will have to be followed by an email in order to be processed.

Requests for the return of goods shall be made within 30 days after delivery of the goods by Southcott at the Customer location.

Except where Southcott clearly made an error or where goods are faulty, Southcott will not accept for return the following items:

Any indent product ordered specifically for the Customer;
Any cut-length hoses (rubber, thermoplastic, etc.);

Seal kits for all products, loose supplied seals or items made completely from nitrile, viton or any other rubber or elastomer compound;

Products manufactured specifically to the Customer’s requirements;

Goods not in a new and saleable condition;

Assembly and crimping equipment, tooling.

After reviewing the request from the Customer, Southcott will issue confirmation (via RMA form in Pronto as per work instructions AS.003) and will send it by email to the Customer. This confirmation will list the items and the quantities the Customer is authorised to return to Southcott for credit, along with the total amount to be credited by Southcott.

A restocking fee of 20% of the purchased invoice value will apply to all goods being returned by Customers to Southcott. In addition, the freight and related risks for the return of goods until delivery to Southcott shall be the responsibility of the Customer. Only Branch Managers are allowed to waive the restocking fee at Branch level.

Goods to be returned must be shipped within 14 days of the confirmation issued by Southcott.

On delivery at Southcott premises, all goods returned are subject to inspection, and credit will not be processed until there is confirmation of acceptance by Southcott for the products returned. Any  goods used, altered or damaged will not be accepted by Southcott and credit will not be issued.

Once the goods have been confirmed by Southcott as returned into stock, a credit will be provided to the Customer for the purchase of goods from Southcott.


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