160kW Transmission, Pump and Valve Bench

160 kW Transmission, Pump and Valve Test Bench

Southcott engineers designed and built a versatile test bench capable of thoroughly testing a vast array of transmissions, hydraulic pumps and valve components. The bench was specifically designed to meet the needs of servicing mining equipment like diggers, face shovels etc.

In mining where downtime is critical, ensuring rebuilds are fully tested prior to refitting can save lots of time and money to any service company.

With 160kW of installed power, the main drive is able to deliver 290 LPM at pressure up to 320 bar. A built-in lube/charge circuit provides 180 LPM at 30 bar charge pressure. The transmission drive output is fully adjustable to accommodate various transmission models and sizes, facilitating ease of test drive interconnection.

In accordance with the specification outlined by the client, the bench is equipped with diagnostic instrumentation and a full data logger to capture and generate real-time test reports. As transmissions can be fully electronic these days, the test bench is also fitted with a multitude of proportional and digital I/O to enable the functionality of the transmission, pump or valve on test.

The complete build, including the control and data logging system fitted to this test bench, was designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in-house by Southcott