Parkville Station Metro Tunnel

Parkville Station Metro Tunnel

Southcott was commissioned to provide a hydraulic system to synchronously operate two separate travelling-formwork cars for Victoria's new Parkville Station Metro Tunnel.

Southcott's proportional electrohydraulic Walvoil DPX050 valve operates the two travelling formwork systems' jacks driven via PID closed-loop linear actuator feedback and PWM command control.

Each travelling-formwork car is comprised of an uneven pair of cylinders to lift 100 tonnes over a span of 20 metres using either wheel jacks or foot jacks, as well as a side-shifting striker cylinder.

The jacks of each car are linked and operated by two separate Walvoil DPX050 5-spool 5 LPM electrohydraulic proportional valves. The precise proportional control required to synchronise the lifting and lowering of massive formwork over the large span is easily managed by the Walvoil CED400 valve driver, which interfaces with the client's PLC and HMI screens.

This collaborative effort by Southcott and the client showcases the engineering expertise of both companies and in particular emphasises the value of using world-renowned components, such as the Walvoil DPX050 post-compensated, proportional load-sense valve and PHC Studio software.