Electronic Controls

Electronic Control Integration

Southcott’s Control Systems Group (CSG) is a dedicated team of electronic engineers specialised in the field of hydraulics, with over 30 years of experience in the design and integration of custom electro-hydraulic control systems.

CSG engineers design systems from simple push-button controllers to complex machine automation. Our team can offer solutions including radio controls with complete wiring harnesses and feedback sensors, industrial PLC and mobile CAN controllers. To ensure safe operation, Southcott provides the customer with all documentation, including schematics, wiring diagrams and operating manuals. The product is fitted with a custom fascia to label functionality, and we can even provide private branding with the customer’s logo.

We have an extensive range of certified radio remote controls, from push-button pendants to full proportional belly packs that use dual-band FHSS technology and complete automatic frequency search. In addition, we can provide the safety of an Emergency Stop function in accordance with SIL 3 rating under EN ISO 13849-1/ EN IEC 62061. We also manufacture a range of proportional valve PWM drivers and ramp generators.

Let our engineers work with you to design, manufacture and commission an electro-hydraulic control system that can be integrated seamlessly.

Typical Features:

  • Intelligent power management
  • EasySync RF teach
  • Two-way communications
  • Actively protected & monitored I/O
  • Real-time feedback
  • Active safety checking
  • Selection of battery types (AA/AAA, Li-poly, NiMH)
  • Optional charging through magnetic cradle, CAN connector or USB

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