RV - Relief Valves

Brand: Bucher
This unit is a screw in, catridge type, hydraulic pressure relief valve of various combination styles;
RVPD - Is a direct acting, low flow, pilot control.
RVDI - Is a direct acting, poppet type..
RVPS - Is a pilot operated, sliding spool.
RVPP - Is a pilot operated, poppet type, with reverse flow check.
RVBD - Is a pilot operated, poppet type, bi-directional (Cross-over)
RVBS - Is a pilot operated, sliding spool, kick-down valve.
RVDA - Is a differential area poppet type.
PUVA - Is a unloading relief with differential area, pilot control for accumulator (80%)
Operating Pressure: 5,000 PSI (350 Bar)
RVPD Flow: 7.6 LPM
RVDI Flow: 76LPM
RVPS Flow: 58 LPM to 230 LPM
RVPP Flow: 100 LPM & 230 LPM
RVBD Flow: 38 LPM to 150 LPM
RVBS Flow: 100 LPM
RVDA Flow: 38 LPM & 76 LPM
PUVA Flow: 4 LPM
Valve Housings:
2,500 PSI (210 Bar) = Aluminum
5,000 PSI (350 Bar) = Steel
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