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Serving Australian Industry with Innovative Solutions


Industries today work under the harshest conditions 24/7, therefore, reliable, consistent and efficient products are required for today's machinery and equipment to minimise down time. Southcott products are highly regarded in all industries and our engineers can help you develop a system solution or analyse your existing system.

Working through every step of the process from design, development, prototyping and field testing – we can offer ways to improve reliability, efficiency or find cost savings.

Serving Australian Industry

Southcott's extensive product range includes pumps and motors, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic hoses, crimpers, adaptor fittings and many other products. Our services are vast, from system design, turnkey solutions, installations through to field commisssioning and diagnostics for many deverse industries:

  • Mining – Southcott products are heavily used in various types of mining machinery and equipment because of their high quality, reliability and compliance to MDG guidelines. Hydraulic hose assemblies are manufactured to comply with MDG41 standards.
  • Agriculture – We have the competitive edge in the development and design of agricultural and forestry machinery and equipment manufactured in the market today. Explore our quality hydraulic pumps and motors, hydraulic valves and many other product supplies.
  • Transport – To suit the unique needs of the transport industry, Southcott supplies hydraulic pumps and motors, hydraulic valves, hoists and more. All of our products undergo a rigorous selection process to ensure quality and reliability.
  • Construction – Learn more about the high performing, reliable hydraulic product supplies we deliver to the construction industry for greater equipment and machine efficiency.
  • Marine –Our engineers can analyse cost-effective solutions suitable to the marine and offshore industry with a range of hydraulic hoses, stainless steel hydraulic adaptor fittings and vast product supplies to meet your needs.
  • Industrial – Quality products to withstand even the toughest conditions in industrial applications. Clients regularly come to us for hydraulic pumps and motors, bell housing, valves, hydraulic fittings and custom designed solutions.
  • Defence – Specialised industries such as our defence forces require applications that meet the highest standards for performance and reliability. Southcott can provide industry-leading hydraulic supplies for the defence industry.

Trust Our Experience

To discuss your industry requirements with one of our knowledgeable company representatives, get in touch with Southcott today. Through our experience and national network of suppliers, we can assist any industry in designing the system solution to ensure optimum performance, cost-effectiveness and increased safety.

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