AFX - Teflon PTFE

Smooth Bore Heavy Wall Imperial range Meets or exceeds SAE 100R14 working pressure. (dimensionally not the same as SAE 100R14) Recommended For: Hydraulic oil lines, Tubo chargers, Steam, Canning sealant lines, Plastic/Rubber moulding presses, Compressor discharge, Fuel lines, Paint spray, for other applications contact Southcott Pty Ltd. Tube: Teflon* (PTFE) hose core is manufactured from premier quality resin, smooth bore heavy wall. No pigments or additives are incorporated thus giving the hose liner a translucent appearance free from any contamination. Cover/Reinforcement: Stainless steel wire braid produced from AISI 304/S15 or BS970-1 1996 quality hard drawn tensile stainless steel wire. Temperature Range: -60°C to +260°C Couplings: Child: Super-Crimp. Warning: PTFE has a very high electrical isolation value, a damaging electrostatic charge can build up inside the hose when electrically resistive fluids/gases are being transmitted at high velocity. Review the potential for electrostatic discharge for every application. If in doubt contact your Southcott agent. SAE 100R14 working pressures are rated for dynamic applications. Maximum working pressures will vary depending on operating temperature and impulse frequency.
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