Southcott Hydraulics & Control Systems

Innovative Solutions that Stand up to Harsh Industrial Requirements


Southcott's industrial applications are designed to perform at the highest levels of efficiency and reliability for long lasting applications that hold up even in the most challenging environments. Our extensive experience allows us to provide premium service and comprehensive solutions for all types of site requirements.

We design, manufacture and deliver quality hydraulic products that have proven their ability to withstand even the toughest conditions. Some of our most popular products for industrial applications include hydraulic cylinders, valves, hydraulic fittings, pumps, motors, bell housing and many others.

Our engineers can manufacture complex integrated manifolds using 3D CAD modelling software combining hydraulic cartridge valves, designing a system with minimal connection and possible leak points. We also manufacture and supply complete power units or turnkey projects to meet your required specification.

A Nationwide Network to Serve You

Industries today work 24/7 and Southcott recognises that every minute of downtime affects your bottom line. That is why we offer a nationwide network of sales and service providers that can respond to your needs quickly and effectively. In addition to a huge range of hydraulic supplies from leading manufacturers, Southcott can also custom design a cost-effective system solutions.

As a reputable manufacturer and distributor, Southcott offers an unbeatable range of hydraulic supplies, as well as an incredible selection of industry-leading fluid connectors, power transmissions and control systems suitable for all industrial applications. Explore our product range here and learn more about how Southcott products can help you with our trusted suppliers.

The Performance You Expect

For more details on how Southcott can provide your industrial operation with leading sales and service to ensure the efficient, reliable and safe performance you expect from both heavy and light machinery, get in touch with us today.

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