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Fluid Connectors

Fluid Connectors

Fluid Connectors

Known Australia-wide for our high-performing hydraulic hoses, valves, adaptor fittings, couplings and equipment, Southcott’s products are designed, engineered and manufactured to meet or exceed industry requirements and standards.

Thanks to a commitment to innovation and quality, Southcott hydraulic supplies are suitable for applications in all major industries, including construction, off-shore and marine, defence and shipping, mining, agriculture and forestry, manufacturing and transport.

All elements of the hydraulic hose assembly, including hydraulic hose crimpers and clamps, hydraulic valves and adaptor fittings are manufactured and routinely tested together to offer you match quality assemblies meeting industry specifications like MDG41.

Your Preferred Supplier

Southcott provides clients with comprehensive consultations in order to deliver value-added services that result in optimal equipment performance, exceptional reliability and long service life. With a national distribution network and extensive range of hydraulic supplies, we have everything in place to be your preferred supplier.

We also assist clients in developing industry work skills that champion a safer work environment through product knowledge and awareness. Our recognised in-house training programs include:

  • Manufacture Fluid Conductors
  • Gates Safe Hydraulics
  • Product Knowledge and Awareness
  • Operating Crimping Equipment and Cut-Off Saws

Selection, Quality and Service

For more information on any of the products included in our range of fluid connectors, get in touch with a company representative from Southcott today. With our incredible selection of top quality hydraulic hoses, crimpers and clamps, hydraulic valves and adaptor fittings, we can help you determine the best products for your operation or custom design a unique solution to suit your needs or to meet industry standards like MDG41.

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