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Frequently Asked Questions

What hydraulic hoses are best suited for abrasive environments?

Gates manufacture a variety of hoses designed for abrasive applications. Gates’ MegaTuff and ExtraTuff hoses offer superior abrasive resistance to standard hoses.

What hydraulic hose is best suited to high impulse applications?

A multi spiral hose is best suited to high impulse applications.

How is hydraulic hose size measured?

Hydraulic hoses are generally measured by the inside diameter (I.D.) in dash sizing. Dash sizing is based on 16th of an inch i.e. 4 = 4/16th = 1/4inch
        24 =24/16th = 1-1/2inch

What is an Isobaric hose?

Isobaric relates to the working pressure rating of a given range of hose.
i.e.Gates EFG6K hose range/size perform at a working pressure of 6000psi
Gates EFG5K hose range/size perform at a working pressure of 5000psi
Gates M4K hose range perform at a working pressure of 4000psi

Is there Non Conductive hydraulic hose?

Gates TH8NC, TH7NC and TH18NC are all Non Conductive hydraulic hoses. Note: Even non-wire reinforced hoses may be conductive through the rubber compound itself or moisture that penetrates a pin pricked hose cover.

What does MSHA stand for and what does it do?

Mine Safety and Health Administration specifies flame-resistance properties required of hose covers used in underground mining applications. It’s also the recognised standard for flame resistance for many industries.

What is MDG41?

MDG - “Mining Design Guidelines”
41 - Guidelines for Fluid Power System Safety at Mines
The NSW Government “Resources and Energy Department” produce a range of mining design guidelines for the mining industry. Copies of mining design guidelines can be purchased from NSW Trade and Investment.

Where can I get hose assemblies made?

Southcott manufacture hose assemblies to customer requirements.

  • Assembly Replacement
  • Assembly Kit Creation
  • Assembly Manufacture (single, multiple and regular supply schedules)
  • Assembly Testing (MDG41, DNV or customer requirements)
Why should I use Southcott products?

Because in today’s world we are different!

  • We are Australian owned
  • We manufacture in Australia
  • We create jobs for Australians
  • We brand our products for quality assurance and traceability

Can your current supplier boast the same?

When should V-belts and polyrib belts be replaced on my vehicle?

If your belt is making a screeching sound this means the belt is slipping and has become shiny so it will no longer grip. Look for cracks, broken cords and tearing. Belts can also stretch and lose their tension.

I have to replace the belts because they are not lasting very long. What would cause this?

There are lots of reasons belts don’t last or fail. The most common reason is belt tension. Belts can fail because of under tension or over tension. Another reason is misalignment of the pulleys causing the belt not to run true. Also check for worn pulleys. Belt breakage can happen when the belt is over tensioned or something jams the drive.

What is the difference between a Dayco Automatic Gold Label bus and truck belt tensioner and other brands on the market?

Dayco Automatic Gold Label tensioners have a patented flat spring design. Specifically engineered to meet the higher torque and power pulses exerted by today’s diesel engines, they also have rugged pulleys with 2 lifetime lubricated bearings to deliver long lasting service.

What is the difference between the cheaper typical industrial V-belt with a wrapped cover and the Carlisle Super 2 belt?

Super 2 belts are constructed using high quality materials including multiple fabric plies. Because of the high quality materials the belt does not need a cover to protect it. This means it grips better, runs cooler, is more flexible and resists cracking. These belts provide superior performance on the most brutal V-belt drives.

I am after a particular belt but it is not available in the Dayco or Carlise ranges. What are my options?

We have many contacts in the belt manufacturing industry, such as Goodyear, Gates and others. We will do our best to procure your required items.

Why do you recommend to use the Dayco Gold Label or silicon coolant hoses in truck and bus diesel motors?

The Gold Label hose has been formulated using the highest quality neoprene, EPDM, nitrile and silicon compounds. This product meets or exceeds the SAE specifications for heavy duty hoses. If you want to use the ultimate coolant hose, silicon is the answer. This hose has very high resistance to the deteriorating effects of oil, ozone, coolants and additives. It resists hardening and cracking and can last up to 6 times longer than ordinary coolant hoses.

Can you supply belts for ride on mowers?

In most cases we can, but there are machines out there with special sizes which can only be supplied by the original dealer. We have listings of many different models and recommend our heavy duty Super 2 belts and XDV series for your replacement.

I have to replace a drive belt on my harvester. What information do you require?

We need the OEM part number of the belt. Quite often the number is stamped into the belt or can be located in your handbook. We can then, in most cases, cross over the genuine part number to our Carlise agricultural belt part number.

Are the Carlisle agricultural specialty belts the same quality as genuine belts?

Yes. Carlisle are a major supplier of agricultural belts to the OEM manufacturers such as Case IHC.

I have been using a PVC hose on my air seeder but would like to buy a durable hose that lasts longer. What can you recommend?

Our Goodyear Spiraflex air seeder hose has superior wear resistance compared to PVC. This hose has a thermoplastic urethane liner and is very flexible. The seed tends to bounce off the hose wall instead of chipping it away like it does with PVC. Our customers have given us very positive feedback for the Spiraflex hose.

Does Southcott offer Hydraulic Training?

Southcott offers in-house or onsite training on the following topics: Manufacturer Fluid Conveying Conductor Assemblies, Gates Safe Hydraulics, Safe Operation of Crimp Machines & Hose Cut-off Saw.

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