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Control Systems

Control Systems

Control Systems

Not only does Southcott offer a comprehensive range of hydraulic products to customers across Australia, we also offer over 20 years of control systems experience to provide customers with solutions to any electro- hydraulic system.

Our experienced technical team can provide you with a turnkey approach to any project utilising industry-leading technology from Australian and international brands that you know and trust.

Custom Designed Programs

From concept to creation, our Control System Group can design a circuit board, program a PLC or even design an Android application for a specific product that you want to take to the market.

  • Small custom designs for the agriculture, mining, manufacturing, transport and marine industries
  • Custom radio controls in various configurations for handheld and belly packs
  • Control panels for your hydraulic power packs with soft starting, DOL or variable speed drives
  • Variable valve controllers for proportional control or basic on/off
  • Complete handle fabrication with custom labelling and in-house button and switch positioning for a range of handles
  • Contactless and micro switch joysticks available in voltage and CAN control
  • A large range of supporting accessories for spare parts and backup support

Southcott – an Example of Continued Success

Southcott is proud of our continued success in the manufacture and production of custom solutions for our customers across Australia. With a sales and support team that others envy, we are the smart choice for hydraulic supplies and turnkey solutions for all major industries. For more information on how our team can provide you with the tools and systems you need, get in touch with us today.

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