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In the construction industry, equipment reliability and efficiency is essential while ensuring the safety of the operators is paramount.

Southcott has completed numerous construction projects across Australia and is a trusted name in hydraulic supplies for light and heavy equipment. Providing quality hydraulic cylinders, pumps and motors, hydraulic hose and adaptors fittings, quality and safety go hand in hand.

Thanks to a national distribution and service network, Southcott can supply any operation with the tools and maintenance services it needs quickly and efficiently. We can also work with clients to custom design a system that is best suited to your unique site requirements. With our incredible history as an innovative manufacturer of hydraulic supplies, clients from all industries trust Southcott with the performance of their equipment.

High-Performing Products

With an expansive range of hydraulic supplies, Southcott is a leading supplier and manufacturer to the construction industry. We also design, manufacture and distribute an incredible range of control systems, fluid connectors, and power transmission products perfectly suited to the construction industry. Explore our product range here and get to know our trusted suppliers. Some of the products we offer, include hydraulic cylinders, pumps and motors, hydraulic hoses and adaptor fittings carefully selected for their quality, reliability and performance capabilities.

Equipment used in the construction industry relies on the performance of hydraulic adaptor fittings and couplings. Southcott highly recommends CHILD couplings and adaptors for their ability to withstand the vigorous duty demands of the construction industry. When assembled with Gates Hoses, you have a totally matched hose system that has been tested and capable of outperforming heavy duty applications. A Child /Gates system is an all-round performer.

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